“I am not creative”

“Only some people are born artists”

“Art is only given to a gifted few”

We hear such notions quite often in conversations. At “Anybody Can Paint” it is our humble endeavor to reestablish the belief that human beings are the special creations of nature which are born not just to survive, but to think, imagine and create something magical which no other species is capable of.

The Anybody Can Paint experience provides a fun platform to get a glimpse of our creative potential and hence discover the artist in us.

We aspire to create unique experiences for people by helping them embark on a fully guided painting experience, and go back with their own masterpieces in 60-180mins of time. Till date more than 3000 people have completed their maiden masterpieces with us. People from all walks of life and all backgrounds and age groups have painted with us. They are very diverse, yet one thing is common amongst most of them; they have never painted in their lives apart from their early childhood experiences. Many of them also largely hold a belief that they cannot paint well. Our job is to help them discover the hidden artist in them. We are on this mission to spread the joy of painting in the world.

Come join the movement and take home your masterpiece.

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