About Us

Our vision is to help people discover themselves. The ABCP movement has been initiated by Sameer and Harsha.


Sameer is passionate about painting and leadership facilitation and has been the mastermind behind ABCP’s conceptualization. He aims to leverage both these interests to introduce the joy of painting to the world. He spends most of his time putting new ideas onto canvasses and designing new ways to leverage arts as a medium for people/organizations to discover their hidden potential. He has studied psychology, human behavior, and management from well renowned institutions. Past experience includes a variety of leadership assignments in areas of HR, training and OD in some leading organizations.




Harsha is passionate about sharing knowledge and creating an impact on people using the power of facilitation. She spends most of her time in designing unique experiences and learning interventions to help people discover themselves. She aims to leverage her deep expertise in facilitation and various certifications ( 7 habits, MBTI, EI, Belbin team roles etc) to further ABCP’s vision and strategy.





Anitra (Principal Consultant & Business Partner)

I believe that learning is a continuous process. My Training milieu includes an international certification as a Dale Carnegie Trainer after successful completion of core competency training specializing in human relationships & communications by Dale Carnegie Master Trainers from both India and London. Apart from my Masters in General Management, I am also a Certified Learning and Development Manager with experience in the corporate world. My greatest love remains my role as a mother of two boys.